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Danielle Meow

Danielle Meow

Hello my dear friends!

It’s time to meet Danielle. She is a big tattoo lover, she laughs a lot and she traveled to many places.

It was great listening to her experiences and learn interesting things about her tattoos.

Without further ado I invite you to discover her stories and watch the pictures.

Could you please tell us something funny about you?

I used to be a manager at a bank… lol at least I think that’s hilarious.

Ink of Montreal - Danielle Meow-7

How and why did you start to be interested in tattoos?

As long as I can remember honestly.  My mother had tattoos which I’m sure helped, but I can remember being interested in them from childhood.  Even though, back in the 80s and 90s they were way less popular so you didn’t see as many people with them.

When did you get your first tattoo? What made you do it?

I was 17.  I had drawn up a silly star thing and took the bus to the city to get it done.  At the time I was able to use a note from my mom to show I had permission to do it.  I had drawn the star months previous and finally got it done the first time I was able to find a shop to do it.

Ink of Montreal - Danielle Meow-3

How many tattoos do you have right now? What future tattoos do you want to do?

I have no idea how many.  That’s a hard question when you have large pieces. At least half of my skin is covered.  I have a few small pieces I plan to get done in the next while, including a raven on my neck which I’m excited for.  I currently have an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed piece down my left side and I have plans to mirror it on the other side with a ‘Wizard of Oz’ piece, but I have no idea when that will happen as tattooing is a costly hobby and I’m pretty broke these days.

Do any of your tattoos help you in any way? Do they give you inner power? Or do they remind you of something?

The umbrella on my wrist, and my knuckle tattoo do, yes.  Sexuality, sexual acceptance, and sex worker rights are very important to me.  So much so that I spent many years working in the sex industry.  It was an incredible time in my life; the work taught me a lot, and brought a lot of opportunity, but it also brought hardship and judgement. Even though I have moved on, these tattoos show that I have nothing to hide. No shame in anything I’ve done. The red umbrella is an icon for sex worker’s rights, and shows sex worker solidarity.  My knuckles say ‘HARLOT’.  No matter what I`m doing now, or what I do in the future, it’s a part of me :)

Ink of Montreal - Danielle Meow-6

What is the most important tattoo for you?

I’d say all of them, because they all make me smile.  I tattoo things I like on me, from tacos to cats to tv shows.  I am a big fan of hilarious tattoos.

How do people react when they see your tattoos? Do you have a funny story about this that you want to share?

Tattoos are so common these days that I can’t say I ever really notice a reaction, I do get stared at a lot in the summer but I tune it out.

Ink of Montreal - Danielle Meow-11

Do you want to change any of your tattoos?

Yes.  I already have many cover ups, and I plan to eventually cover my right arm.  I lovelovelove the art on it, but it’s so light and the rest of my art is bright, so I want to cover it one day.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

Bree Crosby (Montreal) and Jimmy Gobeil (Ottawa, A Dark Cloud).

Ink of Montreal - Danielle Meow-8

What would you say to somebody that is not really sure about having a tattoo but wants one?

It’s easy, then don’t get one. I have covered up every tattoo I got in the first few years… so yeah.  Wait until you’re sure!


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Written by Ink of Montreal


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  • dena says:

    my darling Danielle you are the cats pajamas but you are really a butterfly so keep on flying high…meow…love you mom, for those that want to no more, she does sky dive!

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