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Melo Di

Melo Di

Hello my dear friends!

It is time to meet Melo. She is a chef, a model and a world wide traveller. She visited a lot of places, she has a lot of stories and we had an interesting conversation. She plans to go to Europe for six months to live there and travel around and she want’s to get some tattoos from the places she visits.

Without further ado I invite you to read the interview and see the pictures.

Could you please tell us something funny about you?

Most of the time when I hurt myself I’m gonna laugh more than anything else. Also tattoo related, I’m really really scared of needles in general. Every time I get tattoo I don’t even look at the machine.

Ink Of Montreal - Melo Di-11

How and why did you start to be interested in tattoos?

I can’t really remember when I first started to be interested in tattoos, my dad has two tattoos on his arms and I remember always looking at them, maybe that’s where it start, but since I was teenager I’ve always wanted some. I always found that tattoos make people prettier, I love art and it’s like a human being can become a canva.

When did you get your first tattoo? What made you do it?

It was the day of my 15th years old birthday. My sister wanted to give me a gift I really wanted, I told her a tattoo, my dad agreed and I went with him to the tattoo shop to get it. It’s a sun and moon together, when I was kid I was always drawing this and decided to get it as a tattoo.

Ink Of Montreal - Melo Di-8

How many tattoos do you have right now? What future tattoos do you want to do?

I got 12 of all different sizes. I got 2 tattoos that I still need to finish. My next tattoos should be some on my legs. I’d like to start my other sleeve really soon too. I’ve got so many tattoos already planned, one of my leg is totally decide, I want a back piece also and my hands.

Do any of your tattoos help you in any way? Do they give you inner power? Or do they remind you of something?

Ink Of Montreal - Melo Di-4

My tattoos got tons of different meanings for me, some represent me or some different part of my life, others got more profound meanings for me, and some are just things I really love. I did my sleeve when I was going thru a really rough time in my life and it definitely helped me get through it.

What is the most important tattoo for you?

The tree on my thigh, I’m really bad at drawing so I told my friend that tattooed it how I wanted it and he did exactly how I imagined it. Also my sleeve, I wanted it for so long and it took me so long to finally find the artist. I wanted something that really represent me and my life in general. It ended up being even better than what I expected.

Ink Of Montreal - Melo Di-18

How do people react when they see your tattoos? Do you have a funny story about this that you want to share?

For my sleeve, I got so many compliments, for my legs, some of my tattoos might be a bit more shocking, but I rarely got bad reaction about it. Last summer a little girl, around 4-5 years old stopped me in the street to tell me that the owl on my arm is so beautiful, she overacted so much and that was the cutest thing ever.

Do you want to change any of your tattoos?

Not really, I need to finish the project I already started, and I want a back piece someday so might have to cover up the tattoo in my back for it but if I can integrate it in the back piece I would rather do this.

Ink Of Montreal - Melo Di-5

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

My favorite tattoo artist is Boris in Vienna, Austria, I’d really like to get a tattoo from him someday. I also love all the artists that works at Conspiracy Ink in Berlin.

Around montreal I love the work of Luka Lajoie a lot, he’s so talented.

And also Mike Storey, he’s the one that did my sleeve.

What would you say to somebody that is not really sure about having a tattoo but wants one?

Just to really make sure that they really want the tattoo. I never get a tattoo that I’m not 100% sure about it. And also that it got a meaning or its something that they’re gonna love for their entire life. Don’t get a tattoo just because they want one.

You can find more information about her here.

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