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Patricia Stone

Patricia Stone

Hello my dear friends!

This week I want to present you Patricia, she is a model based in Montreal. At first Patricia seems like a very serious person but in fact she is very positive and she loves to laugh a lot. It was a great experience working with her.

Her view about the tattoos is a very interesting one: all the tattoos from the left side of her body are Black and White and the ones from the right side of her body are colored. You will find out why in the interview.

IoM: Could you please tell us something funny about you?

Patricia: Well, I infact knee myself in the face, by accident, about once a month… hahaha… I just can’t sit straight.

IoM: How and why did you start to be interested in tattoos?

Patricia: A lot of my friends have had them for a long time and are tattoos artists. So I have been really interested in the art of tattooing and designing tattoos since I was about 15 years old. I personally only did 2 stick and pokes in my life but it’s still always been very fascinating to me.

Ink Of Montreal - Patricia Stone-14

IoM: When did you get your first tattoo? What made you do it?

Patricia: I waited for a very long time to get my first tattoo. My dad lived in Romania and 4 days before my 21st birthday he passed away. The following year I constantly wrote with a Sharpie in big letters on my left hand : LET GO . So when my 22nd birthday came along and I knew for sure I would never regret it, I went and got it done for real with my own hand writing! We did it smaller than what I usually drew it but I am happy that the artist helped me make that choice. We also wrote EMBRACE on my right hand that same day.

Ink Of Montreal - Patricia Stone-10

IoM: How many tattoos do you have right now? What future tattoos do you want to do?

Patricia: Right now I have about 13, and in the coming month I am getting a heart tattooed on my right hand and starting my chest piece, which is a snake wrapped around a skull with a ruby in it’s mouth, in realism. After that I have many more ideas, I basically split my body in half, as duality is a very important part of my life. Nothing and nobody is good or evil, black or white. There is a duality in everything and I find it beautiful. My tattoos on my left side : “Let go Death”, portraits of people I admire that are dead and other macabre tats I want to get or about things I want to remind myself to let go.. The other side is my colorful side, things that I love and embrace, sea leg, proverbs things like that.

IoM: Do any of your tattoos help you in any way? Do they give you inner power? Or do they remind you of something?

Patricia: Yes, all of my tattoos do except the one on my ribs; which is the only tattoo that I ever got that I didn’t have a meaning picked out to make an image out of. The fact that my tattoos have meanings to me is the sole reason I know I will never regret them. I do them for myself, they are my life story.

Ink Of Montreal - Patricia Stone-8

IoM: What is the most important tattoo for you?

Patricia: It depends what kind of importance we are talking about. I’ll explain myself; If you want to know my most important one, socially, I would say my Nikola Tesla portrait, because not only do I get to educate some people on who he is but often it sparks great uplifting conversations that everyone should enjoy more often. Importance physically, I would say my chest piece I am getting done in the month of February, it’s my center piece. But my most important one, emotionally, is still and will always be my first tattoo. That LET GO on my left hand.. the one that started it all.

IoM: Do you want to change any of your tattoos?

Patricia: Nop. I only want to add to more around them. Get some touch ups on my fingers, but no cover ups or anything like that!

IoM: Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

Patricia: My favorite tattoo artist that I have got work done by is definitely Bree Crosby, she is presently a Montreal based tattoo artist that specializes in realism.

IoM: What would you say to somebody that is not really sure about having a tattoo but wants one?

Patricia:I personally get my tattoos done by people I know, or when I don’t, I get to know them and bond with them before I get work done by them. Never get anything done without thinking about it for a long time before it as a first tattoo (You can try drawing them on yourself in your daily life to get a feel about if you really want it). Don’t be afraid to pay the right price, you don’t want to end up with a bad tattoo. Don’t get it done too big or somewhere visible. Lastly I will say this: Treat your tattoo artist with great respect, don’t be whiny (there job is hard) and take good care of your tattoo. It’s a piece of art they are giving you and there is nothing as awesome as having a great relationship with your tattoo artist. (Same goes for people that cook for you! haha)


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