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Hello my dear friends!

This week I want to introduce Vxmpire to you. She is a model, a Suicide Girl and a really fun person to work with. She has a lot of interesting stories about how she got her first tattoo, how some people react to her Daria tattoo. I really enjoyed listening to her stories and I hope you will too.

Enjoy the interview and the pictures!

Could you please tell us something funny about you?

I like the smell of my under arms and farts.

Ink of Montreal - Vxmpire-15

How and why did you start to be interested in tattoos?

I don’t remember how all this happened. I just feel like I woke up one day and had all these tattoos. I think its more artistic and esthetic. It started with a small tattoo and then it was an idea after another and here I am.

When did you get your first tattoo? What made you do it?

I was 14 and it was horrible little tattoo on my lower back. It was during high school during lunch break. I just wanted one and went for it.

Ink of Montreal - Vxmpire-3

How many tattoos do you have right now? What future tattoos do you want to do?

I have both my sleeve, hands, thighs, back and stomach. I want more portraits on my legs.

Do any of your tattoos help you in any way? Do they give you inner power? Or do they remind you of something?

I love my daria tattoos on my thighs. Its my favourite cartoon and it just makes me feel good for all kinds of reasons.

Ink of Montreal - Vxmpire-10

What is the most important tattoo for you?

I don’t have any important tattoo but i suffered so much when I did my back that it reminds me that i can basically go through all kind of pain and every bad things comes to an end no matter what.

How do people react when they see your tattoos? Do you have a funny story about this that you want to share?

I get a lot of reaction about my Daria tattoos. Its an old cartoon everyone my age use to watch so a lot of people thinks they are amazing. I have more positive comments than negativity.

Ink of Montreal - Vxmpire-11

Do you want to change any of your tattoos?

I would definitely correct some things but i also hate my finger tattoos. I did them young and without really thinking about what i really wanted. I will get them cover up soon.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

Elodie Martin. Q Tattoos. Mike Stocking.

Ink of Montreal - Vxmpire-16

What would you say to somebody that is not really sure about having a tattoo but wants one?

Think about it. Don’t rush it and the more important is to find the right artist. Even if you have to wait or spend more money, it is worth it. A tattoo is on you permanently so you don’t want to regret it.

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